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How do gaming conventions make money

how do gaming conventions make money

Everyone dreams of making money doing what they love. Since this guide is huge… you can use the navigation below to hop to the section that interests you. You can get started shortly after reading this article, and start getting paid in just a few short days. If you can write a small article, or make a 3-minute video talking about the games you love… you already have what it takes to be successful with this method. The business gets great specialized content that they can use to promote their products, services, or brand, and you get paid for your knowledge, expertise and time to create the content. One of the easiest ways to pick up freelance projects is to apply for them on job boards. Use the job boards below to find and apply gamnig different content creation jobs.

Arts and crafts

Conventions offer you a great opportunity to make new customers, clear out unproductive inventoryand take a break from the normal routine. Done right, they can put bucks in your pocket. Asking around the gaming community is a good way to find some conventions. Internet searches work. Finding a large company and tracking their con plans is concentions method. Check for. Go to a convention where the attendees will be your customers. If you sell anime and manga, ,oney anime convention will be good for you. Start small.

Note: Fraud and scam alert

Go to a local convention. Risking all your cash and closing your store for the weekend to attend GenCon for your first convention attempt is a disaster. Walk around, check out the spaces, talk to the dealers. Watch the ebb makee flow of traffic tip: vendor activity takes maje between game sessions. Advertise your intentions for the convention ahead of time among your customer base. An ad in the program book might be worthwhile doo the right price. Make a schedule for the store and for the convention. Take enough people for the expected activity. You might manage a small local con. For a smallyou might need 2 people or you might want 2 at all times anyway, just to cover breaks. You want a sign. You can get much larger sizes for bigger and how do gaming conventions make money impact, but scale your expenses according to the scale of the event.

how do gaming conventions make money

1. Do your research

Now, you may be wondering who I am to offer expertise about convention organizing. That said, I have four years under my belt running a successful, growing convention in a major metropolitan area. I may not be the best source of information, but I am A source of information, so feel free to take what I have to say with a grain of salt. A few weeks ago, we hosted over 3, attendees and occupied over 60, square feet of exhibit space over the course of our 3-day expo. Not too shabby for a true fan convention. See what they do well and note where they fail. Be sure to look specifically at events that may be similar to yours in different parts of the country. Living in Atlanta, I have the benefit of attending Dragon Con for the past 15 consecutive years. Let me be clear, I love Dragon Con. Other practicalities of research have to do not only with checking comparative pricing, guests, and possible dates, but about the cost of different venues, any municipal restrictions, and business requirements. But more on some of those later.

Method 1: Freelance Content Creation

Search Unity. Log in Create a Unity ID. Unity Forum. Forums Quick Links. How do you make money as a freelance game developer Discussion in ‘ General Discussion ‘ started by Stranger-GamesJul 5, Joined: May 10, Posts: Hi, How do you make money if you are a freelancer game developer with no extra money to invest.

Most freelance game developers I know face the following problems. I think discussing it would benefit everybody. Without good investment time and a little bit of money at least it’s very hard to make successful indie game that makes enough revenue for living especially in saturated stores like android, iOS, steam. It’s extremely hard to find long term clients on places like upwork or unity connect.

Most people who post jobs there are enthusiast and not companies that needs long term developer. Creating assets and selling it is definitely worth it, but still not making enough money for living for most people Even if you have experience managing a whole game project from planning, recruiting other freelancer team, create a whole game then release it, it’s hard to find clients who are willing to assign you as a project manager for a whole new game project where you can handle everything and deliver a complete game.

Except of course if the game you created and released is extremely successful, but if it’s successful, you will probably not need any clients. They might think your game is not that good, and it probably is because it was self funded, but they don’t understand that if he is willing to invest more in his game, you will be able to make a better game.

Where do you publish your games and what kind of games you create? Thanks for advance. Stranger-GamesJul 5, TheWarper likes. Joined: Feb 6, Posts: 2, In my opinion, there are two kinds of jobs in this world: there are ones you get so that you can do them, and there are ones you get because you can do. I can get a job at McDonald’s with no requisite experience. They’ll train me to do anything I don’t know how to do like work a cash register, operate a fryer, or cook 20 burgers at a time on a big grill.

Game development is the other type. To be a professional game developer, you have to be able to make games. And you have to prove that you. And the best way to prove it, is to do it. So if you want to work and make your primary income as a game developer, whether as a freelancer, an indie, or part of a studio, you gotta make games on your own.

It doesn’t help that most of the industry seems to encourage this thinking with deluges of articles about Flappy Bird’s runaway success, the deification of Notch, and Unity’s own marketing plan of suggesting that its engine and the Asset Store are all you need to find success beyond your wildest dreams. Game design and development is tricky because it’s part art, part science. You need to have the technical knowledge to do the work, and to be able to do it efficiently enough to make it viable working for 10 years on your dream game is not viable for almost.

But it’s also an art, and you need to refine your taste, explore the medium, and understand how quality isn’t always quantitative. Both the science and the art of it require experience, and I’m not aware of any shortcut to acquiring.

I’m a hobbyist game developer. My BitBucket account looks like a whittler’s garage. But I’m building up that experience and slowly finding which projects warrant finishing, and the portfolio is gradually taking shape. I’m also a professional web developer, so that kinda helps. I charge a steep rate for freelance development work and do not compromise on it since I believe in the value I provide.

I don’t win a lot of contracts I bid on, but I quite often get the invitation. I think it’s a matter of building up that portfolio a bit more and showing potential clients right off the bat that I know what I’m doing and that I’m worth the cost.

Anyway, maybe this is off topic from what you wanted to discuss. I just think it’s another point to bring up.

Just make games and game-related things, people. Find what you’re good at, get even better at it, and find a way to make it work for you. Schneider21Jul 5, Joined: Jan 27, Posts: 6, SunnyChowippdevKiwasi and 1 other person like. Stranger-GamesJul 6, Joined: Dec 5, Posts: 16, People send me emails. I pick the jobs I want. I do the jobs. Then they pay me. Its not a super complex. But it pays the mortgage. KiwasiJul 6, Ryiah likes. Joined: Dec 29, Posts: 12, Ryiah and angrypenguin like.

Yeah, that makes sense. Since writing my post it also occured to me that if you’re not talking about full time work then it could make sense. For instance, someone could be a regular concept artist for a whole bunch of studios on an ongoing basis, but not be an employee of any of them because that might be a painand move between them as needed. When I wrote that I was very much in a mind of «whole game project «, since that’s what was being asked. That makes sense.

Also, I was very much thinking in terms of «whole game projects» when I wrote. I can think of plenty of cases where a long-term relationship with a freelancer makes a lot of sense if they’re not needed on a regular basis over that long term. An example that springs to mind could be a concept artist working regularly with a bunch of studios, but on an as-needed basis with each of.

Might not make sense to be an «employee» of all of. Thank everyone for their precious contribution. Joined: Aug 31, Posts: 5, I’m not a game Dev but enterprise system arcitecht, I get several job offers per week sometimes multiple per day on LinkedIn.

Don’t know if game Dev customers are using linkedin. AndersMalmgrenJul 6, KiwasiJul 7, Joined: May 8, Posts: 7, Stranger-GamesAndersMalmgren and Kiwasi like. Joined: Feb 11, Posts: Most of my jobs came from recommendation from one client to the. Stranger-GamesKiwasi and zombiegorilla like. Joined: Apr 10, Posts: 10, In these threads, people rarely mention getting experience as a regular full-time employee.

Assuming Abdalla was talking about full time freelancing in the original post. I know there isn’t a game studio hiring on every corner, but you can still find them in all kinds of unexpected places. Not only does it build your credentials and network of friends in the industry who can help and refer each other, but you also learn how things work at the kinds of companies that may hire you as a freelancer. If you don’t have any experience, it may seem less intimidating to hang out a freelance shingle.

But what does it hurt to apply for a job? The worst they can say is no, and then you’re no less employed than if you hadn’t applied at all.

And if they say yes, you get some great experience and get to meet interesting people. Apart from that, local meetups are great, although I admit I only have experience with them in the USA. TonyLiJul 7, Stranger-Games and Kiwasi like. Joined: Apr 9, Posts: 4, JohnnyAJul 7, Last edited: Jul 7, TonyLi likes. It’s similar in the USA. It’s also why companies like JohnnyA’s previous employer had a mix. You can’t legally have a company that’s just full-time «contractors.

The only reason why I’m harping on it in this thread is that a lot of freelancers, especially those without a lot of experience, get taken advantage of.

How To ACTUALLY Make Money Through Gaming & eSports — REALISTIC METHOD

Can You Really Get Paid to Play Games?

InI attended my first fandom convention — Dragon Con in Atlanta. It was an amazing spectacle of fans, dealers, and everything about sci-fi, fantasy and horror that you wanted cnoventions know but were afraid to ask. It was incredible. I later attended other Cons and discovered that they did have gaming. Since I have been working for cons, I have seen con-attendees of all types.

2. Build on an existing community & be a nice person

Newbies are usually pretty overwhelmed and intimidated by all that is available and approach everything timidly. Conventioms the con does not help with badly written programs or a clnventions type of atmosphere. I feel that if a newbie was a little more prepared, a convention environment would be less intimidating and easier to get involved. One important word to learn as you enter how do gaming conventions make money convention-going arena is Fandom. General science fiction conventions were born out of this collective fan base. These types of cons usually include gaming, but gaming is not always the primary focus.


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